Welcome to Finnmusic 2

Finnmusic is the best non-premium bot for discord made by Finncord. It is 24/7 on vc and it has a support server too so if you find any bug, support, etc pls contact us on support server.


  • /afk [afk] ~ to keep the bot in the voice channel for 24/7
  • /botinfo ~ Sends The Bots Info
  • /help ~ To show this message
  • /invite ~ To add/invite the bot to your server
  • /loop [loop] ~ Toggle music loop
  • /nowplaying ~ To show the music which is currently playing in this server
  • /pause ~ To pause/unpause the current music in the server
  • /ping ~ To see the bot latency
  • /play ~ To play songs :D
  • /queue ~ To show the server songs queue
  • /skip ~ To skip the current music
  • /stop ~ To stop the music and clearing the queue
  • /volume [volume] ~ To change the server song queue volume

  • We are now accepting donations so if you want to send money for the support of the music bot @Finnmusic then use this link https://paypal.me/Ghosty366, these donations are optional they just help us out for better hardware and such for your enjoyment, we value the entertainment of people.

    Thx for Checking :D